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Not so much a website, more a general repository

I want the Web to do something only the Web can do, so let's put our family trees on it and try and link them up.

We're perhaps not very likely to find a link with our own direct ancestors, but I've also tried to extend the borders sideways.

Maybe we've cousins in England or Canada who've married...

This one
but not
very pretty
is a single diagram you can consult all in one go,
but which only presents direct ancestors.

More "professional" Created using "Personal Ancestral File"  

And again The "Sierra EasyTree" version 468 files!

This one
my own "craft" version 
gives details of each nuclear family, and allows you
to jump from generation to generation up and down the tree. 
A little about yours truly.

Site of a local artist friend who gives classes.

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